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TTG’s and St. Uriel Education have teamed up to offer students and teachers unique experiences that they can enjoy in school or in the comfort of their home.

Learning Together:

Through the SXP (Student eXchange Platform) developed by St. Uriel, you can participate in language or cultural exchanges with students from other countries, or learn STREAM (Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts Math) together!

Learning Alone:

In the event the pandemic requires you to learn at home, or if you need to catch up on your grades – we have hundreds of VR titles that cover many topics on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math.

Virtual Travels (alone or with friends):

Can’t travel because of travel restrictions, or airfares are too expensive? Fret no more! We can bring you on a tour around the world including the Seven Wonders of the World – and it comes with insider information and lessons! 

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